David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Week 43
October 24, 1999 to October 30, 1999 

Monday October 25, 1999

Pat's birthday was yesterday, so we are still celebrating. Kate and I dragged her to a Raider game yesterday and then out to a family dinner. 

Brendan and I made a decision today to harvest our last grapes. That consisted of Carignan from a budded over new area and some second crop Cab. The Carignan came in with more tonnage than I expected, but we have had to heavily sort(as much as 33% to obtain a high enough sugar). It took Brendan Two Hours to sort 800 lbs, so he went home to rest up for the sorting of another two tons. I was not expecting any more cab so this is a welcome addition to our Harvest. I hope to give more details tomorrow. 

Tuesday October 26, 1999

The low yesterday was 32 degrees, but we have still been getting into the 80's during the day. 
Brendan is working on gathering ph readings and alcohols on various barrels. I will report on the results later today. 

Later .... 

The ph's and alcohol are in: 
Ph Alcohol
Super Zin Brendan's Selection 3.81 14.4
Zin Front Wire 5 Year Old Vines 3.59 14.2
4th Mix 40% P.S., 40% Zin 3.65 13.9
Old Vine Zin 3.79 14.15
Carignan 3.58 13.0
Jones Cab Franc 3.64 13.4
Lane Zin/Teldeschi Cab 67% Zin, 33% Cab 3.50 14.0
Cab Bot Estate Cuvee Cab 3.43 12.5
Petite Sirah Typical Petite Sirah 3.45 13.1
P. Bot Different Clone of P.S. 3.43 13.2
Pinot 3.36 13.5
Aca Cab 3.60 13.2
Simpson Syrah 4.03 14.1
Barbera 3.12

I am aiming fo a P.h. of 3.6 so I must blend to achieve that balance. What stands out this year?: I considered adding Barbera to the Aca Modot and Carignan, but that is not necessary this year. Most of the Zin barrels are low on acid--(in other words high on P.H.). Alcohols are lower than I had anticipated. I may consider keeping 50 cases of the 4th Mix separate--it is tasting so well already and the numbers are in balance (This is are old field blend section that used to be taken by Nalle. An Italian family came into Dry Creek over 100 years ago and planted this area to more than 10 varieties.). The next three months are the most interesting for me and most of you who come in to taste out of the barrel. We will blend at the end of January---until then we encourage any of you to come and taste to help me decide on what to blend to make a great wine. 

Wednesday October 27, 1999

My decision to harvest Monday has suddenly proved right. It has been raining all day even though there was no prediction of any rain in the near future. The first rain in this area of the country is hard to predict. It just seemed to me that the weather had been good for too long. As many of you know I have lived in Northern California for 56 Years---all my life, so I know what can happen with the weather. Actually we could have 80's again or we may not see much above 70 until next spring.


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