David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Week 45
November 4, 2001 to November 10, 2001 

  Thursday, November 8, 2001

In case you have forgot, this weekend is our big pick-up party. We will have a big cheese table and many wines to taste. AND of course you will be able to pick up your 2000 wines. Don't worry, I am in charge this year (I don't have a Raider game to attend) so I will be organized. I will have two assistants in our new building to help me disperse your wine in a timely way. Even if you have picked up your wine or even do not have wine this year, please come and enjoy music videos and wine. 

There are always things to do at our winery. This week it has been slow fermentations again. On the 23rd of October, we received some second crop zinfandel from a neighbor. The sugar was atleast 28 brix so I added some water to aid in the fermentation. I found out earlier this week that the alcohol was already up to 16% and there was still 3.5% sugar left. I know I could make a late harvest zin; but I am not a fan of sweet zins so I have decided to add some more water to help finish the wine to dryness. 

Another problem has developed! Our late harvest sauv blanc fermentation has stopped. The sugar on this wine started at 42% and I tried to ferment it at a temperature of 55 degrees. I guess I did not add enough yeast or the temperature was too low. You would think I should know what to expect from late harvest sauv blanc fermentations, since I have made such wines for 18 years; BUT every year is different. Tomorrow Brendan and I will try to perk up this fermentation with more yeast, nutrients and an increase in temperature, so that we can obtain more alcohol than a few percent (where it stands now). 

We have a new addition to the family!!  . If you check out our harvest pics (third page), you will see a few pictures of our new kitten, CUPID. He is a real fluffy kid and seems to be acclimating just fine to our household. Susie wants to keep him inside, since we have had bad luck with new kittens. Remember in September we lost Sable, probably to a coyote. 

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