David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Week 47
November 21, 1999 to November 27, 1999 

Monday, November 22, 1999 

I just got a call from Steve at the Wine Exchange in Orange County. I have agreed to sell him 40 cases of 98 ZP2C on his request. I was surprised when I heard that he may be pricing it as low as $15. Now, I sold it to them for $12 and I can't tell them what to charge. And as most of you know, I feel wine prices are too high. That Is why I offer wine on "Futures" at reasonable prices. I did not expect such a low price from them so I have lowered my price to $17 with a discount of 10% on a case. I understand that they do not offer discounts for case lots and only sell their wine "net". We looked at the orders on the 40 cases that we have sold at the winery and noticed that only a few of you bought 6 bottles or more at higher prices. We would like to compensate those few people--so please contact us. 

We ended up with 19 gals of Late Harvest Sauv Blanc at 35% sugar. I will try to aim for a wine of 10% alcohol and 15% residual sugar. It should have great balance. 

Tuesday, November 23, 1999 

A few of you have called to say last nights game was great and that it was unfortunate that the Raiders did not win. PLEASE do not mention the Raiders again. I am sorry, but I am too emotional about the team. I had season tickets back in the 70's and unfortunately I am still hooked. I have a passion for the Raiders, my surround system and my wine, but my obligation and only one I have complete control of is my wine. 

It is alot of work!! I am grouchy as usual, but I am getting into it and I am starting to love it as always. Yes, I am starting the first real process to ultimately determine which of my 140+ barrels go into each of our wines. We are going to make about 3500 cases or 140 barrels (25 cases per barrel). We now have 154 barrels, but 14 will be used for topping or mostly lost to sediment. I believe this year could be my biggest test into blending the right barrels, since I have purchased so much of my neighbors' fruit. So far I have made my first tentative decisions on three of our wines: I may produce only 200 cases of Carignan consisting of 75% Carignan, 12.5% Doug Rafanelli Petite Sirah and 12.5 % Jones Cab Franc. Our Cab Franc could be a blend of 75% Jones Cab Franc, 12.5% Simpson Syrah and 12.5 % Raf PS. Also I have made a decision to blend in some Estate Barbera and Merlot into our Aca Modot. As usual I encourage all of you to make an appointment to come in and taste from our barrels and help Brendan and I make the right decision. After all we do listen to what you say [:<)). 



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