David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Week 48
November 26 to December 2, 2000 

Monday November 27,  2000

Well as I predicted, there just isn't enough time for Al Gore to change the election. Doesn't it seem that the Republicans want it more? I don't see many Democrats protesting. I hate to bring up the Raiders, but this election process reminds me of Football. The Raiders used to be like the Democrats, but they are now playing more like the Republicans. Both the Raiders and the Republicans are intimidating their opponent and seem to want to win more. Like a football game, the time is running out for the Democrats. They need a big turnover and many favorable calls from the referees. 

Brendan is back after a week off and thus we had time to set up some Sauv Blanc wine acid trials. We set up the wine with different amounts of calcium carbonate. The P.H on our S.B. is now at 3.07---very tart. We set up samples of 3.15, 3.22, 3.28, 3.33, and 3.39. All still had good acid, but I preferred the one that was reduced to 3.28. The middle in the wine came out and even the fruit seemed more focused. We will add the calcium carbonate to all the barrels tomorrow. 

Thursday November 30,  2000

Well I still don't understand why Gore did not concede after the Florida Supreme Court ruled that the count had to be done the Sunday after Thanksgiving. (see my posting of Nov 21) He could have taken the high road and said "I don't want these great public workers to give up their holiday time; and so for the better of our country I concede". I guess I don't understand enough about politics. 

I opened three bottles of wine tonight (remember I always open at least 2 and use what we don't drink to top off barrels). The wines we opened tonight were zins. My 1998 Neighbors' Zin, 1998 Estate Zin, and 1999 Zin. Pat liked the Neighbors over the estate 98. I preferred the estate for it's liveliness. We both agreed that even being young the 1999 was much better. 

Two nights ago I tried our 1999 Petite Sirah and 1999 Estate Cuvee. At first I thought the Petite Sirah was much smoother if less fruity, but after tasting blind, I was amazed that I thought the Estate Cuvee was smoother and more advanced. To me I still think these are very good food wines but still need time. I like young wines, but I think our 1999 Zin, Block 4 and cab franc are more interesting. Again, I really think our 1999 wines could be our best. We do have some still available at the winery, but we are now trying to concentrate on retail sales. Eastwood (formerly Root and Eastwood) has our 1999 zin at $19.99 and Wine Club and Wine Exchange in Orange County could have it for less. Sure we make more money direct, but I also want to make it convenient for you to buy the wine through retailers. As I have said before I buy other wineries' wine at retailers, because it is convenient and takes up less of my time. 



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