David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Week 49
December 3 to December 9, 2000 

Tuesday December 5,  2000

With this political stuff calming down and the harvest over, I am having more trouble finding something to say. Last year I was forced (reluctantly) to post tasting notes on my wines. Like last year I will state what I think, but remember I like young wines and I hate describing what I like. As I have said before I really like my 99 Block 4, but recently I find that I prefer our 99 Zin. Even our Estate Cuvee is coming around and I prefer it to the Petite Sirah. The Zp2C is going thru a rebuilding stage and the Aca Modot is good with food but should not be consumed yet, unless you have a case or more. All these 99s are way too young to consume seriously. I have not changed my mind that this 99 vintage could be the best since I have been in Dry Creek. Don't hesitate to buy all 99 Zins from all producers of Dry Creek Valley. 

I just read some comments on our wines in Orange County's Wine Exchange news letter (www.winex.com or (800) 769-4639). Thank you guys for inventing "Dave's World". I was pleased to see they are selling our 99 Zp2C for $14.99 and our 99 Zin for $17.99. As I have said before I am selling direct to retailers to keep our prices down. Wine is too expensive and I will not be responsible for ripping off those who like decent wines. 



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