David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Week 4
January 19, 2003 to January 25, 2003

Tuesday January 21, 2003
  Boy, I am surprised that I predicted both winners for the NFL championship games. Call it a lucky guess? While I am on a roll, I am going to make another prediction. This time on the Super Bowl. I predict the Raiders will win by as much as 21 points. AND I would not be surprised if they win by rushing for a lot of yards. Last time the Raiders met the Bucs in 1999 they beat them 45 to 0. The Raiders ran for 262 yards. It was the only game the Bucs lost in the last 10. Any given Sunday!!; so don't hold it against me if I am wrong. It won't effect my winemaking. Even if I am right, don't worry, I won't sell the farm and head to Las Vegas.

I had Brendan calculate all our alcohols for the 2002 wines and here is what you will see on the label. 2002 Dry Sauv Blanc (13.5% Alc); 2002 Late Harvest Sauv Blanc (10.5% Alc); Estate Zinfandel (14.4%); "My Zin" (14.5% Alc); Estate Cuvee (13.9% Alc); Aca Modot (13.9% Alc); Block 4 (14.2% Alc); Carignan (14.6% Alc); Petite Sirah (13.8% Alc); Cab Sauv (13.4% Alc); Terre Milange (13.9% Alc); Barbera 13.6% Alc); Bennette Valley Pinot (13.6% Alc); Sonoma County Pinot (13.6% Alc). 

We did real well this Saturday when we participated in WinterWineLand. We were closed on Sunday because of the Raider game. We are sorry since some of you came by to pick-up wine on Sunday. On March 29 and 30, we are now planning another pick-up party for all,  but especially for those of you who have not picked up your wine by then. We will have food and videos and thus plan on making it a great event.


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