David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Weeks 4 - 5
January 18, 2004 to January 31, 2004 

Wednesday January 21, 2004
I have tasted several of our 2003 blends and as I expected: these will be my favorite wines. We have had several groups come in to taste and we have very positive responses. BUT some of you may not like these extracted, concentrated wines. So far we have had one couple who said they are trying to buy wines that are under 14% alcohol. Only our 2003 Terre Melange would qualify. Even though they came to buy the Block 4, they went away undecided. I am still confident that all of these 2003 wines are balanced and real food wines. Again, I love these wines, but maybe not all of you will. 

My life is an open book as I have said many times before! Tomorrow, I will have surgery on my eye lids!!! Most of you know by seeing what I wear, I am not into making myself beautiful. I want to be comfortable. That is why I wear what I do. I am, also, not particularly worried about what my face looks like, but I do also want to see everything and hear everything that I can. 

I do not see as well as I want!! I have found by looking in the mirror, for many, many years, that I have eyelids that droop. Over the years, I have even looked at many people and noticed that their eyelids do not droop as much. Recently, within the last year or two, I have found that if I force my eyes open, things appear brighter. Over many years, I have noticed at night time, I see hallows and stars when I look at headlights on cars. And then a few weeks ago, I found that if I pulled up my eye lids, I saw less hallows and stars. 

So as I said I am having eyelid surgery tomorrow. I am told I may have black eyes and swelling for over a week. I am not looking forward to explaining the question:  "What happened to YOU!" 

Thursday January 29, 2004

I am still alive. I made it through my eyelid surgery. It was more painful than I was told to expect. The itching, around the stitch was very annoying. I am a type of person who always wants to rub their eyes, so I couldn't rub because it HURT. Unless I look closely, I can tell little difference in the way I looked before. OF COURSE, that is what I wanted. I just wanted my eyelids to be up above the white of my eyes. I know, the cornea is what I see out of, but I see better when I force my eyes open. Now do I see better? It is too early to know. 

I have been real busy this week. Pat and I have had to prepare 1099's to contractors and W2's to employees. Also I have had to gather information for my accountant. Boy is that complicated AND of course I had to make my bi-monthly trip to Costco. And  then I had to submit the statistics for our 2003 wine labels: 
# Labels Alcohol
2003 Sauv Blanc
85% Sauvignon Blanc / 10% Chardonnay / 5% Semillion
2700 14.2%
2003 Zinfandel
100% Zinfandel
6200 15.1%
2003 "My Zin"
77% Zinfandel / 16% Petite Sirah / 7% Cabernet
7500 14.9%
2003 Bernier's Zinfandel
75% Zinfandel / 10% Petite Sirah / 10% Carignan / 5% Mourvedre
5200 14.5%
2003 Estate Cuvee
33% Cabernet / 31% Zinfandel / 24% Carignan / 12% Peloursin
6300 14.7%
2003 Terre Melange
41% Carignan / 26% Peloursin / 26% Syrah / 7% Mourvedre
5200 13.9%
2003 Carignan
83% Carignan / 9% Zinfandel / 8% Petite Sirah (Old Vines)
4800 14.7%
2003 Petite Sirah
84% Petite Sirah / 9% Zinfandel / 7% Cabernet
5200 14.8%
2003 Cabernet Sauvignon
100% Cabernet Sauvignon
4700 14.6%
2003 Brendan's Syrah
75% Syrah / 13% Cabernet / 6% Zinfandel / 6% Petite Sirah
2800 14.7%
2003 Block 4
40% Zinfandel / 26% Petite Sirah / 22% Peloursin / 7 % Carignan / 5% Syrah
5300 15.3%
2003 ZP2C
The “Bottom Of the Barrel” Equal Amounts of all Barrels
2800 14.5%
2003 Neighbor's Cuvee
34% Cabernet / 26% Petite Sirah / 20% Zinfandel / 15% Syrah / 5% Carignan
7300 14.1%
2003 Barbera
90% Barbera / 10% Cabernet Sauvignon
1400 15.0%
2003 Aca Modot
50% Cabernet / 22% Cab Franc / 11% Merlot / 9% Petit Verdot / 8% Malbec
2800 14.1%


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