David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Weeks 50 - 52
December 16, 2007 - January 5, 2008 

Tuesday December 25, 2007
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!

I have just uploaded the new estimates for our 2007 Futures. We will be blending starting on January 8th.

Saturday December 29, 2007

OK I have to get into this!! I have to document all my physical ailments in this 2007 year. I started up the year in the first several months having problems with my chest, it is hard to describe, but I think it all generates from my inner body and navigates to other parts of my body. The problem I had was I did not feel great at any time of the day. I could describe it as a general feeling of being uncomfortable in my stomach, slight nausea. 

Then in May I hurt my foot. That was weird. I know it was something I inflicted on myself. I had finished about a week of rigorous forklift operation which required me to continuously push down a stiff clutch. My left toes where very sore and I was wondering if I had some arthritis in them. SOOO, I flexed my toes down many times real hard and held them in a tight, closed position for many minutes and repeated the operation for about 30 minutes. The next day I could hardly walk. My recovery took several weeks.

Then in July after bottling and spending another long time on the forklift, I started getting a severe pain in my back. The uncomfortable feeling in my stomach was also there everyday. A few weeks after that I had an appendices attach and had to go to the emergency and have my appendices out. Immediately my back pain and nausea in my stomach went away. My doctors said there was no relation to the appendices attack but what do they know.

Harvest came soon after that and I went through the usual stress and physical activity that takes a lot of effort. I was barely recovered from Harvest when I fell down three weeks ago. It is hard to explain how it happened, but I think the wine I had before had something to do with it. Of course the table in the dark did not help either. The next morning on December 9th I could not walk at all!! I thought about crawling until Pat found a beautiful piece of a grapevine that worked perfectly as a cane. Until December 25th I could not walk without the cane. If I tried there was a sharp pain in the middle of my hip. I did not see a doctor or get an x-ray because there was no pain as long as I stayed off my feet. I had a scheduled doctors appointment on the 19th so I wasn't too concerned. On that day the doctor told me I had nothing broken and that he thought I had a muscle pull. Right after that I got concerned because for a few days I did not feel any improvement. Of course the lack of improvement could have been exasperated when I stopped taking ibuprofen for two days and I tried putting pressure on the middle of my back with a DVD container!! Then miraculously on Christmas day the pain almost completely disappeared, almost like it might have been a pinched nerve. What a nice present!!

I can't wait for the New Year and better health!!! My 85 year old Mother has told me to take it a little slower!!

Happy New Year.


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