David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Weeks 51 - 52
December 15, 2002 to December 28, 2002 

Wednesday December 18, 2002
  On the 22nd, we are leaving for a family visit to So. Calif. Thus this will most likely be my last entry until after xmas. 

I have re-thought some of the blending for my 2002 wines.  Constantly I receive comments about how much I blend. Most of the input is positive, occasionally it is not. Some of you want me to make 100% varietals and I have given in. I really don't want to drop or add acid to my wines, but I will have to this year. I have chosen in the past to blend high acid lots with low acid to achieve a balanced wine with more complexity. Most of the time in the future I will continue to do just that. But, I hope to please some of you by making a few 100% varietals. In 2002 we are making a 100% Carignan and 100% Syrah that will need no acid adjustment to the wine. We are also going to make a 100% Pinot from Bennett Valley which has low acid, so I will have to add some tartaric acid to balance it. I was going to add Barbera and Carignan (which include a lot of acid), but I have changed my mind. This will increase  our production of Barbera up to 175 cases. I may have to drop some acid out of the Barbera, but I hate to do that. Let's just see how it tastes after blending. The additional Carignan will be used for topping off. We were going to blend some cabernet into the syrah, but now we will add those barrels to the cabernet we are making. I know this is not too clear, but I will explain it more after blending. Blending will start on the 6th of January and finish by 10th, a Friday. I can't wait. 


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