David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Week 5
January 28, 2001 to February 3, 2001 

Monday January 29,  2001 

I know some of you may be wondering how our 1999 wines are coming along. You may check out what Tom Hill says under the public forum. In any case I will give you my two cents worth. I feel the Block 4 is still the most round and drinkable right now. I tried our Zin last night compared with a 1999 Ridge Dusi and I was very happy with our concentration. I still feel to my tastes, it is the best zin I have produced. I am also happy to say that the 1999 Estate Cuvee is starting to round out, although it will improve dramatically over the next year or two. The Cab Franc could still be the best wine we produced last year. I feel the Aca and Carignan could still use some time before trying. 

Our 2000 wines have come along much better than I had hoped. I still feel the Aca Modot and Petite Sirah stand out, but I am really happy with our two zins. I am amazed that at this time the Estate Zin is showing better than the Neighbors'. I am also surprised that the comlexity and balance on the Estate Cuvee is already showing through. It will be much more drinkable earlier than the 1999. The cab franc and mourvedre have filled out after blending and the syrah has gained more fruit. Of course the reason I blend is for balance and thus I am happy about how these wines are showing. They have balance!! Here are the alcohols on the various wines: Sauv Blanc, 13.55%; Aca, 13.36%; Block 4, 13.87%; Carignan, 13.97%; Cab Franc, 14.49%; Estate Cuvee, 13.54%; Estate Zin, 14.14%; Mourvedre, 14.04%; Neighbors' Zin, 14.60; Pinot Noir, 14.27%; Petite sirah, 14.79%; and Syrah,14.23%. I hope to get the Late Harvest Sauv Blanc checked tomorrow. 



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