David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Week 5
January 25, 2003 to February 1, 2003 

Sunday January 26, 2003
  You can be assured, I am not selling the farm and moving to Las Vegas. I was wrong. Oakland lost and Tampa Bay is a better team. As a Raider fan, there is always next year. As my 17 year old daughter, Kate says: "It hurts". 

Tomorrow I must concentrate on taxes and labels for 2002. 

Thursday January 30, 2003

I still love the Raiders! Every year, because of Al Davis, ( I know I do not like him either) I have always thought they could win the Super Bowl. They came close this year and they have won 3. Callahan as a rookie coach did a great job. Can you name one who has done better. Give me a team who has a better record since 1967. Give me a record of a team who has done better in the last 4 years. After the loss Sunday, I have to cling to something. Having a passion for a team in sports is tough. 

Back to winemaking: 

I have another problem with the late harvest sauv blanc from 2002. If you go back to October and November you will find notes that indicated that I had a great deal of trouble making this wine. Now I find I have too much sulfur dioxide in the wine. So2 (or sulfites), as it is usually called, is added to most wine including foreign wines (even though foreign wines are not required on their label by their government as we are to state that there is sulfites in the wine). My problem has developed, because every time I handled the over ripe grapes, I added some so2. The free so2 is at 37 parts per million, (which is what we smell) and the bound so2 is 290 ppm. That is what we taste. I suspected I had too much in the wine, because it tasted a little like soap. I've called Julia at Lambert Bridge Winery to bale me out. I know she will have a method to save me. I must say that no one else including Brendan or customers have noticed this small problem, but I do, and want to correct it.  I want to make the best wine I can. 


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