David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Week 6
February 3, 2002 to February 9, 2002 

  Tuesday, February 5, 2002

Today is my Mother's 80th birthday. We are planning a big party for her this Saturday and I am getting nervous. I want this to go well and I am sure it will, but we are trying to put some finishing touches on our new building in order to have the event over there. This entails moving our old frig and cooktop  from our nice kitchen in our residence to the new building. I did replace the frig with a new one in our residence, but our new Viking cooktop for our residence has not arrived yet. That means I have no cooktop now. If I want to cook something, I have to go over to the new building. Also as I have said before, we are planning to do whole new granite countertops in our kitchen so I will be without sinks also. I guess I will have to move over to the new building since I am the cook. I do have a new dishwasher and oven over in the new building, but it is going to be hard to decide what dishes and cooking utensils to move over. We have a winery building which has been hard enough to decide on tools and utensils, but now we have a whole new kitchen, and bath and bedrooms. Things we forgot about include paper holders, towel racks, cooking ingredients, etc. I do know this weekend we are having things catered. Dennis our contractor did capture a wild pig and we will cook it in the open over a spit. I plan on having a great time. 

We have decided to delay the bottling of our 2001 Sauv Blanc until after the Barrel Tasting. We want to cold stabilize it and that will take over a week. That will make the timing close to the March 2nd and 3rd event. Brendan will be away for the next week so it makes more sense to wait. We won't have the labels anyway until April. Brendan and I have decided to leave the wine unfiltered and unfined. The wine appears to be clear enough for us and we do not want to strip away some flavor. I must admit after tasting this Sauv Blanc yesterday that it is very tart. BUT Brendan and many of our customers seem to think it is a good wine. It certainty is unique and not wimpy. Talking about not wimpy, our 2001 Pinot Noir was the best seller this last Saturday. We will not be officially pouring it for Barrel Tasting so you must ask for it (we will have some in back of the table). It won't last long. Also I was surprised that the Terre Melange was our second best seller. To be honest, I haven't tasted it seriously since blending. 

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