David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Weeks 9-10
February 23, 2003 to March 8, 2003 

Tuesday February 25, 2003

Ok I really haven't decided on the schedule for our videos this week end. I know as soon as some of you arrive on Saturday morning (as early as 10:00Am) I will put on the Monterey Pop Festival. On Sunday I will start with Woodstock. I want to put on "The Boss" at some point and Roy Orbison. After that I think it will be what ever the locals want. We have not had Tina on lately so that is an option. Does any one have a suggestion? 

Yes we have a new projector in our house or better known as the "Movie Room". We only look at movies there and the room  is 19Ft by 24Ft. The sound is great and now the video is great. We just put in a new DLP 2 Chip--the Infocus 7200. It is so bright and the Blacks are so good that I may consider turning it down. Next year I will probably move this projector over to the winery. I may have to move this 7200 over to the winery for my big 60. Yes I will be 60 years old on May 3rd. This just happens to be on The First Saturday in May. Also know as the Kentucky Derby. 

Thursday March 6, 2003

I am intensely into taxes, so I will have to make this quick. We did form a corporation in July so I have had a hard time deciding what goes into Pat and my individual 1040 and what goes into the corporation 1120. I will have more later on what I have found regarding filing as a corporation. I have done my taxes all by myself before (I love Taxes), but I decided to hire a very smart friendly CPA to help me out. More to come. 

I am drinking a bottle of our 99 Cab Franc. It is wonderful, but I think the 99 Estate Cuvee is better! I would not fool you. We will have a limited amount of the Estate Cuvee available at our open house; along with our 99 Carignan which is showing well also. Both of these wines blow away our 2001 wines at this time. 

Also I have to report that we do have bud break. You might have noticed that we have had several days over 70 degrees lately and that has brought on an early start of the season. More to come including all the information on Sabate. 


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