David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Weeks  9 - 10
March 12, 2006 to March 25, 2006 

  Monday March 13, 2006 

I've decided to purchase grapes again this year. Now that our sales have picked up I may need to purchase some fruit every year. Here is our latest Estate vineyard map which shows all the latest plantings. Two weeks ago we finished planting some new Zinfandel and Lagrein (An Italian Varietal with great character). In an average year we should be able to produce about 5000 cases from our Estate fruit, but full production will not be reached for several years. In the mean time I will purchase fruit from several grape growers. 

Matt and I took a wander out into the vineyard Saturday. It has been atleast two months since I had surveyed the potential for the coming season. I had hoped for 4 tons of Petite Sirah from our new section in Block 5, but that may be optimistic. Since we sold a lot of petite sirah based wine lately I need to purchase more petite sirah from the Ponzo vineyard. With our 2005 My Zin doing so well I have contracted for some zinfandel from the Ponzo's also. Phil and Barbera Ponzo's fruit was in our Petite Sirah, Escuro and My Zin for 2005. Our 2005 Fresco had been doing real well also and so I have contracted for additional fruit from Ron Silva in the Lodi district. I am also looking to buy 4 tons of Dry Creek Cabernet. Now I hope to produce about 4700 cases total for the 2006 vintage. Soon I'll have a breakdown of wine to be offered around March 30th for our 2006 Pre-Harvest Futures. Most of the wines will be offered for $15 a bottle before the Vintage Circle discount.

Saturday March 18, 2006 

Pat and I are planning a trip to Chicago and we are going to drive. We are taking the Northern route through Duluth 2600 miles to Chicago. We would like to stay some where on Lake Superior at a great resort. Does anyone have a suggestion?

Tuesday March 21, 2006 

I neglected to say our trip to Chicago is planned for the last week in July and the first week in August.

Saturday March 25, 2006

I have continued to contract for grape purchases. I have added 4 tons of Cabernet from Doug Rafanelli and another 4 tons from a new source way up on a hill top in Dry Creek Valley. I now will be offering a Cabernet for this year. That brings our estimated cases for the 2006 vintage to 5000 cases. Our offer for the 2006 Pre-Harvest Futures will go into effect on March 28th with an e-mail and postcard sent and our online form up for ordering. On that date most of our 2005 Futures will go up by $1 per bottle so if you are interested in the great 2005 vintage you may purchase at lower prices up until Monday evening March 27th. For 2006 we will not be offering a Sangiovese, Pinot Noir or Chardonnay. We have plenty of 2005 cases left for those wines and I want to concentrate on Dry Creek Valley fruit with the addition of the Ponzo Zin and Petite Sirah from Russian River and Lodi varietals to add to our 2006 Fresco and Escuro. 


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