David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Week 9
February 25, 2001 to March 3, 2001 

Sunday February 25,  2001 

Today I would like to talk about this diary and what it means to me. I would also like to talk about, in more general terms, what happened on my web-site last night. Last night I posted a diary entry and a few minutes later, it was removed. I chose to upload it again several hours later. 

The internet is great. It is a way to communicate to ALL instantly. For me it is also a way to document what I am doing at this winery so that someone later, long after I am gone, can carry on if one wishes. I also would like to document some of the things we do as a family. I feel a strong obligation to be as honest as possible partly because this diary is for those who care in the present and in the future. What all of us have to remember is that my diary entries are only my thoughts of the moment. I take it that way and you should also. I can always restate what I have said on another day and as most of you know I do change my mind from time to time. I choose not to change anything that I write in any given day unless a grammatical error is noticed within the first 24 hours. 

What is so scary to me is that since the diary (internet) corresponds with everyone instantaneously after it is posted, later it can be instantaneously REMOVED. Anyone with a key to our site could remove everything I have said for the last few years. Sure any of us who choose can copy what I have said and that document would be preserved. This is unlike a newspaper, magazine or other hard copy that is produced. No one can remove all newspapers or other hard copies at once. 

Tuesday February 27,  2001 

The Russian River barrel Tasting event is coming up this weekend. It is a free event and since, by title, there is a great deal of barrel tasting and thus "futures sold. We sell primarily "futures" so it has been a big event for us. Each year we feel we have saturated this market, mostly local visitors. Each year, so far, we have had more visitors and even more sales. My concern each year is that enough of you have bought at some what lower prices even before the wine is made: thus our sales will go down. 

Also I can't believe the stock market!! Will you buy less because of this drop in prices?  I know I have said before that the market seems to go down when a Republican takes office, but this is ridiculous. I thought Bush gave a good speech tonight. The only concern re: our new president's proposals, that our stock Market might have, is whether we will go back to deficits again because of tax cuts. That would bring back higher interest rates--death to stock prices. Mostly I think the Market is concerned that we are having our first recession in a decade which is only about time. These stocks have gone down so much that I am going to start investing again tomorrow. 

I have had so many responses regarding my diary entries last week and I thank you. One of my valued customers said he is more than happy to pay a premium price for my Aca Modot because of the quality of wine that will go into it. That got me thinking!! I do not want to compromise this wine with less than my best barrels. I was thinking about adding one barrel of the best cab franc from the Jones vineyard to give the wine some more complexity. I believe this barrel is very good, but it does not come from our Estate Vineyard. I have reconsidered, and have decided to go back to an Estate Bottling. Soon, as I have said, I would like to go back to all Estate wines. That means I would have complete control of all the growing conditions for the grapes I use. The new blend for our 2000 Aca Modot will consist of 54% Cab, 17% cab Franc, 12% barbera, 10% Merlot, 4% Petite Verdot and 3% Malbec--all Estate fruit. The case total will be reduced to 350. That means we have less than 25 cases left to sell. 



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