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arrow December 2 - December 8, 2012

Sunday December 2, 2012

10:30 Pm:

I am back.......We made it home in 1.3 hours last night, some rain especially up by us but a successful journey with poor wipers. For the whole storm over the several days we had over 10 inches. The sun was out most of today. I had pizza so i am happy. My new hearing aids are a problem, probably my doing...........

Yesterday I navigated through a few rain events to San Francisco to meet up with Pat. I arrived at 3 pm and had to be with our friends by 6 about 30 minutes away. I was worried as usual where to park and how I was going to get through the rain in my sandals.........yes I wear sandals in all weather so I usually stay inside but for a few minutes.  When I arrived at our Condo, I realized I forgot my Kindle............so I listened to Pat and I noticed a problem with ringing in my hearing aids. I was already back Friday for this feedback issue at my doctor.

As I sat awhile listening to Pat for the first time since Wednesday, I started hearing a ringing sound every time I turned my head. I had noticed a similar problem while driving down but because of the rain I was focused strait ahead driving. I decided to take the left hearing aid out the one which was more of a problem. I wanted to make sure it was OK. Pat and I were still talking and then Kate came down so It did notice what I had done............

I looked at the hearing aid and realized the plastic tip was not on it anymore. This is a tip that helps keep the hearing aid in your ear.....so it is big and covers up the whole ear opening. I decided I had lost it in the chair so I took the one from the right ear and put it on the left ear hearing aid that was still ringing. I was told these tips help to keep the ringing down, but I have noticed over the years, it does not make a difference........but still we should listen to those who know better, our providers?

When Pat and I arrived at the party we were greeted by many friends and had a great time. The room we were in was not easy for hearing aids. I confirmed that while talking to two friends who I have known for 44+ years.............the ones who have had hearing aids for way more years than I. The ringing was more intense in this live room. I turned the hearing aids way down and survived all the way home by 11:20 Pm last night.

When I got home I took the aids out and I noticed after poking around in my ear, I could not stick my pinky finger in my left ear as far as usual. Hey I stick a pin every week in my ear to make sure it is clear. As long as you are slow and careful there is a small opening that is easy to go in a long way. I felt there may be something in there. Yes i thought of those plastic tips. Yes I was convinced I had a plastic tip in my ear. I tried the pin, no luck. Pat said do you have to go to the emergency..........I said no way.........it does not hurt.............mind you I had no alcohol that evening since I knew I had to drive home, but I knew I had to find something more violent to probe around. I looked all over the cabinet while Pat settled down by mid night...............rain coming in and I was happy to be home..........

I found a stainless steel long tooth pick   !!!! dangerous looking......... something I found years ago at a flee market...it is a very sharp curled pick that dentists use. I stuck it up at first and another time and another time...carefully and WOW a plastic tip came out............10 minutes later the second tip came out...a little bloody. I stuck Listerine up my ear and I was just fine. Today was just fine, but I put in my old hearing aids. Tomorrow is another day..........  

Thursday December 6, 2012

Today i would like to say what I really think about weapons. I learned in the Army to call guns "Weapons" but I will use the word "guns" so all will understand. I am an extremist in this area. I do not think anyone should possess a gun without a permit. It should be like a driver's license, a privilege............if you know how to use this violent weapon that can end a life faster than a car you have the right to possess it. I think all who own a gun should have to take a test and pay a fee. We are required to take a test in order to drive a car. Cars in Sonoma County have killed multiple people in this year, several by just standing in cross walks. I assume those drivers did not do it intentionally, but most of those who killed these innocent victims had multiple offenses in the past. It is similar with guns. All people should be checked for past offenses and learn how to use the gun they want to buy. They should know what the gun is capable of. People can buy a gun easier than wine or many other things. This would obviously help to save lives. I know I am in the minority, but I wanted to state my opinion. There are too many innocent people killed by guns in this country.

Matt and I are thinking of wine every day. It will be a challenge to decide the blends for our 25+ wines for 2012. I have a start from Matt with a spreadsheet showing what is in the barrels but I also have to get everything ready for my accountant who will be here next Wednesday. I delayed our appointment since i still have 4 more months of entries into Quickbooks for all our expenses and sales. Also I have to produce reports and pay all our compliance to States we ship to by next Wednesday. I better get back to work.

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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