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Monday January 6, 2014
We have been back for a few days from a trip down as far as Long Beach, 400+ miles. So the whole trip was over 1,000 more miles on the Tesla Model S. It was a fun trip and I hope to report more tomorrow. I have been real busy catching up on previous Football games and will finish tonight with the last college game.

Tuesday January 7, 2014

I have not mentioned the stock market lately since it has been going up. I am not usually a person that gloats so I hate to brag about something I predicted, especially in front of most people, there are exceptions..............

Jim Cramer is a big mouth and most of the time he is right........he is a gloater because he is in that business, show business.........He was on Hardball tonight, Chris Mathews (who I have respected since 1992) AND I heard him say vote like a Democrat and the stock market goes up, in so many words........Of course I have been saying that, in so many words.......the stock market goes up when a Democrat president is in office.......

We blended Barbera, Cab and more in the last two days. Everything is going well.........

Thursday January 9, 2014

9:00 Pm: I am back, it has been an adventure as usual. I have been in big pain again, but I am ready to relate a few things from the last few weeks. New Years, Xmas all fun but a FALL in an unfamiliar basement where my Model S was stored, created problems I did not expect.......

First a few updates, there are so many things going on here and family matters are fun but Kate's Cat is in the hospital, and we are waiting to hear more

The NFL and Movies have kept Pat and I busy AND politics with Christie is always of interest to me........

Pain, later........

So on December 26, Pat, Kate, Susie and I went on a 450 mile drive to Long Beach.......Kate and Susie were home here together for two days........great pizza and turkey to bring to my Mother on December 25.

The trip down the coast to Pismo Beach was Ok with a few questions about my driving........no sense to me ......Dad you are driving too slow.........Dad you are driving too fast.....We made it down to Long Beach for 5 nights with Pat's sister Sharon and  husband Rick. Pat and I were concerned about imposing on them since we were interested in a New Years Eve celebration...........I'll be honest, I suggested a party.

Sharon and Rick are in a great large house with two separate floors and we had great food and even a flight of Block 4, but one afternoon while trying to show my Tesla off, I fell off a step. It did not hurt then, even though I hadn't even had a glass of wine.......more later.....

The trip back in the Model S was sssooooo much fun. Up the Grapevine and down the grade regenerating 15 miles..... AND to speed at over 80 miles on average (It was January First, less traffic) it was so much fun and it looked like I could average 200 mile range AND the chargers are only 120+- apart. I even got up to 102 miles per hour after I tried to get off the fast lane and the guy to my right was speeding up along a truck.......I put the pedal down half way and instantly I was up to 102 and then I moved over to the slow lane and let him pass me later at 85+. 80 on average is enough for me.........10 miles over the speed limit

On the ride home on January One, I noticed I was having pain in my right toe. Before that I had hurt my elbow and had trouble putting my arm over my head. I usually remember everything from the night before, even on New Years Eve or any other night so I was upset, I had no idea how it happened.

I know I get obsessed with one thing at times, so one of those 5 nights I remember bending my big toes over aggressively SO much that it hurt AND because I figured it would help with arthritis. I am paying for that brutal act still two weeks later.....OR was the FALL a factor........more tomorrow

The IRS is back again on January 23, this could get more interesting........

A taste of 2013 Block 4 is my quest tomorrow.......while we blend, so much to do

Friday January 10, 2014

10:00 Pm:  So now I have a problem with by right side back teeth. I have throbbing and intense pain at times but I am taking 2 Ibuprofen every 5 hours which helps.

Yes my feet, both swelled up so much I am having trouble with my sandals getting tight. I think the fall in Long Beach that was graceful probably did not hurt my feet. The constantly grabbing my big toes and bending back caused pain BUT who knows I can move them more than before. I hate exercise that requires sweat but movement is necessary to survive.

My legs are feeling better so I walked well over a half a mile out around the vineyard today and thus got a tour by Catarino. He is still the most devoted person to me I know, day by day.......Of course my Mother, if here everyday would be encouraging also. So Catarino is encouraging and optimistic that we will have better grapes next year. We will soon have enough grapes to make 7000 cases and we are selling 5000 with no effort SO do I hire a distributor or sell my grapes to another winery AND/OR do I hire someone to travel around and sell our wine. I am willing to take a few trips but as you know, I hate planes.........

NFL play offs are tomorrow so I am ready.........no pain will stop me.

I don't want to say too much about the IRS, but I have said before, I am happy I pay little in the way of corporate and personal taxes. I pay other taxes including employees which I will go into at another time. Cindy, the IRS agent will be back on January 23.

I tried the 2013 Block 4 sample from our tank this evening. Wow, it has fruit!!

Before that I tried over ten wines. Catalina brought us 24 left over bottles from an event where judges try other wines. I had some of our wines left over for the last few days, including Petit Verdot and Petite Sirah. Most of the wines brought from Catalina had a lack of fruit. I think, my opinion, Some of the past wine lovers, say from 1960 to 2005 are not accustomed to fruit driven wines. I could be wrong, but some people like wines that are "DRY", the quote I have heard before. I assume that means, some wine lovers are used to less fresh fruit in a wine, (East Coast, is just getting into Zinfandel).

Movies tomorrow

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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