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arrow May 18 - May 24, 2014

Sunday May 18, 2014

Nights are still hard so I may see a chiropractor tomorrow

I must be getting old..........not.............but I did say for the last 35 years, I was not interested in going to Europe and no I do not want to be on a ship.; AAND of course I do not want to be on a plane.........BUT Now we are planning a trip next year to see Italy and France and even Sicily on a ship???? Ok I am not retiring and I am not old:.......... if that is the definition of doing less. I could not resist for this experience, I even have a tour to Amalfi off the ship for one day and I am sure I will see Aglianico vines. I will have more later.......

Of course this diary is mostly about me and what interests me.......a diary............. and wine is one of my ultimate interests.

I am getting organized. Like I have said before, most of wine making is being organized and organization is 90% of wine making. It is so much fun bottling and Harvesting but that takes up 20% of the year, the rest of the year is planning. Making sure the bottling and Harvest goes well. Events are fun for me but most is planned by Pat, Matt, Catarina and Cindi. I make up forms and what to sell, easy compared to winemaking to me. For bottling in July, I have ordered the bottles and we have the labels on schedule. In the mean time I am heading up to Vancouver, Canada in my Model S...............

Has anyone thought about ginger and alcohol in one drink. I need to do some research.......we have a 6% alcohol very heavy in Ginger ale...............I am tasting right now........it wakes you up and is much more intense than any beer I have tried.........it is not subtle.............this could be the best drink I have had??? BUT every taste knocks you back so it is not for everyone.......

Saturday May 24, 2014

I have a cocktail ordered from New Orleans. It is 10% alcohol and full of rum and ginger. We have been experimenting with something similar I guess, with 5% alcohol and much more ginger. I should get my shipment from New Orleans soon and I will report back.

All of you know who read our Facebook page know Catalina is having her first child any day now. Those of you who read my diary probably have not heard about this great event. But there has been a lot happen for her since. One event several months back was she learned her male cat was not male, she was expecting. So Catalina had to deal with this first birth. She knew I wanted cats again so she suggested I take the pick of the litter. I agreed, but Pat was against it...........a long story but finally I have two new 7 week old kitties in our household. Pat is upset, the kitties are happy, I am happy.

Pat and I have had in our household in 40 years at least 50 cats. When she met me I had two and then we had several more kitties born in our house in Fairfax. When we moved here to Geyserville we had several more show up. At one time we had about 10, some wild. When Kate and Susie were born we had several more births. They were all trained to be outside and brought in critters at times BUT sometimes they were lost. A few times we saw them parish on the road but most times we think they were captured by coyotes. I now have two cats and I hope they will survive.

These new kitties have not been named. I have to compliment Catalina who raised these fun things. She did a great job........at 7 weeks old, they have been trained in everything well. I hope Pat comes around.....................  

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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