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arrow October 2 - October 8, 2016

Monday October 3, 2016

8:00 Pm: I have been distressed because of my Mother but gleeful we have finished Harvest. My Sister and I are not getting along. I have asked repeatedly for a call, especially as a Brother, I am sorry I am mentioning it here.

In the mean time........we finished harvesting some great 2nd crop fruit. The sugar got a way from us, no time to harvest this great fruit last week.........29% sugar and after all those raisins we may have 32% sssssssssooooooooo we have to rehydrate......

Pat made us work more, she is important, we want her to put in the orders...........so she suggests to make another Rose and it took some time, but we can say there will be 25 cases, but Pat may want them all...........

Wednesday October 5, 2016

Now I am in trouble with Pat who thinks I should not have mentioned my problem with my sister so I will stop from now on...........

Josh and Jose are busy this week pressing many lots of wine. Today they will press some of the Block One mix. It had to be refermented with some more Petite Sirah because it still had a little residual sugar in it. Our barrel situation is fine because our crop was low again. We had saved many new barrels from last year and also many used barrels from the past. I don't want to be caught with not enough barrels like a few years ago when I had to purchase many used barrels from other wineries at very high prices.

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