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arrow August 14 - August 20, 2017

Monday August 14, 2017

 Harvest is hard to explain............

As I have said before................geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Where do i Begin.................At here we grow gapes. Some wineries around here also harvest their own grapes so they are Estate like us, meaning we grow and produce grapes on our own vineyards. We are one of many who will be making wine from our vineyard.

Tomorrow we will be harvesting some Pinot Noir for sparkling wine. It will be an adventure because we will be surprised by the results.............

Tuesday August 15, 2017

Harvest is complicated from day to day. Decisions have to be made sometimes with in hours but sometimes it is easy to plan ahead. We have three temporary workers coming in on Monday so we have decided not to Harvest our white grapes and Red Pinot Noir this week. They should be ready in the next few days but it will be easier to wait. Then, I remembered Monday we will have an eclipse so it will be somewhat dark for an hour or so since we will have an 80% eclipse. The darkness will start about 9:30 and be dark until 10:30. That is the time we would be picking. So I sure do not want pickers out there missing some bunches or picking the wrong ones SO we will harvest Tuesday.

Today we did harvest almost a ton of Pinot Noir for our sparkling wine. The sugar came in at 20.2% which is a little high so we will lower it a little.

The DC Fusion is doing real well. Last week we brought in enough low sugar grapes to make about 100 cases. We added 24 ounces of yeast, a lot for that amount of fruit. It was down to 12% sugar this morning so we added, over 6 hours, 100 cases of the 2010 wine that had too much raisin flavor. The last two years the wine has turned out great with an alcohol of about 13%. With that much yeast needed to sop up the 2010 alcohol we should be pressing Thursday or Friday when the sugar is down to 2 or 3%.

8:00 Pm: Harvest................My mind is always thinking, what is more important.............

OK Harvest is about 25% in my concern, We have the event this weekend, about 10%.........Tesla, waiting for my 100D, 5% now that I have not heard more, the stock, I have sold some so I am waiting like everyone else. Can Elon do something else. OK, Space X and the Boring Company...........yes another 5%. Gee so I am up to 45%. So what is on my mind...........

I have someone coming in on the 29th to cut down three trees which are dying. 2%, after today, So I am up to 47% concern now.

Kate and Bryan bought a BMW all wheel drive while waiting for the Tesla Model 3. I want that car but I was told I could not take their reservation..........BMW, great car, but the reservation for the Model 3 is in my name.........20% concern, up to 67%

Pat is up with Susie in Seattle now and heading back here tomorrow. Susie is coming here.............in two days..........30%, Susie will be an adventure..........

97% now so I may have a few other concerns like 10............tomorrow will be another day...........like what is important in my life and what has to be done..................................

I love what I do............

Wednesday August 16, 2017

Oh, I forgot to mention our problem with the internet, which actually has been taking up most of me time. The other day, I noticed our upload speed was almost non existent. It is a long story but we tried everything and found out it was intermittent so I had a new router delivered by Amazon in one day. I chose the same router since we could save our settings. Since the old router has stabilized for now Brad and I decided to use the new router as a repeater. Susie is coming to stay in the guest house over 100 feet across the way. She will be looking for a new job and probably stay until next year. The router signal in the guest house by WiFi is very weak so by using the new router as a repeater we have a good signal now. It was not easy, Brad and I worked on it for over 5 hours so I still will have to see if the signal is steady.

Josh was here today to add yeast to our new Pinot sparkling wine and also to check on the DC Fusion. The DC Fusion is almost finished fermenting so we will press it tomorrow. This year we will use 30% new oak to give the wine some character..........


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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