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arrow January 29 - February 4, 2017

Wednesday February 1, 2017

My mother, Vivien will be home at her favorite place and celebrate her birthday. I am going down the day before to be with her and Pat. Lynda, my sister will be there on February 5, my Mother's 95 year old birthday.

 an selling more Tesla, even though I hope to buy much more if the Market goes down. I am upset with what has happened with Elon, has he gone off to the other side, think about it.........Elon is the owner of Tesla, which you knew is an obsession with me...........OK there are others, Nadal, is coming back and may wine The french............I digress..............

So Elon wants to help Trump. Trump is happy. Elon, with headquarters IN California AND SOON TO BE ON THE east coast wants to create jobs for the United States..............I digress

I sold 1400 Sharesss of Tesla on November 09 and I got $189 and got $264,600 so I have some money. Today Tesla closed at 250. I could have made a lot more money. I did buy back 740 shares and sold 150 so far and have made $20;000. I still have 550 and will buy back more if I am right about Trump, being out of control............................

Friday February 3, 2017

so it is set up for Pat and i to see my Mother, Vivien. She will be 95 on Sunday, February 5. She was my most important person in my life until I moved out in 1978. I was 29 years old then and decided my girl friends did not want to meet up at my Mothers house.......Long story.........

So I went off to Fairfax up 120 stairs and got away from all around me. I was into the Beatles but then picked up a passion for the Stones..............

So I have decided to avoid my sister again, this time on Sunday, my Mother's 95. Lynda is very upset with Vivien, our Mother is not accepting Lynda the way she did before........this is my diary so if you are not interested I understand but I like to document things for all who are interested in the future.

Lynda and her husband, Richard are going down to see my Mother Sunday and meet up at a restaurant with a few of my Mothers friends. Lynda is always constantly questioning my Mother about everything so Vivien is fed up and does not like to be treated as a child, that is what I hear from my Mother and I have experienced similar things with Lynda. I know: Too much information?

I sold a lot of Amazon before earnings announcements yesterday so I have bought more back at lower prices. Remember I bought Amazon stock, AMZN, at $35.60, a price worth then for 100 shares at $ 3660 in October 2008 when the Market was crashing. I just bought more at 801.50 in the extended trading after the earnings were announced. It was 840 at one time yesterday before the market closed and now it is 810 on close today thus down big from yesterday. I love Amazon so I will buy more if it goes  down from here...................I have always held at least 100 shares of Amazon so that 100 shares at 35.60 then $3,560 is now worth $81,000 today. I was right about one thing...........

Saturday February 4, 2017

My Mother will be 95 tomorrow..........Today, I went down to see my Mother in Millbrae, A trip of about 220 miles with stops. I saw 8 Tesla's on the way and none on the way back to Sonoma County............Smooth drive even though it was raining most of the time...........

Vivien looked fine, especially at 95 years old. She dominated the conversation, she said a lot, she said interesting things, I hope I am anywhere near her capacity in 20 years.

I have to say I am rooting for Atlanta, not that Alabama is politically my favorite state, but I heard the New England side tolerates Trump?


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