David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Weeks 23 - 24
June 18, 2006 to July 1, 2006 

Thursday June 22, 2006 

Kate will be 21 years old tomorrow. She is in the Azores, so Happy Birthday Kate.

It has been very hot in the last several days. The nights have been very warm. We have three weather stations near the winery. The real official one is in a box in the first row of the vineyard. I have a maximum minimum thermometer in it that I have used for 25 years. I used to have a thermograph that would chart the temperatures on graph paper. The thermograph could be adjusted to graph exactly what I recorded in the max. min box. There was a setting to increase the range of highs and lows. The thermometer you see on the internet is not very accurate. It is made by Davis. The highs are always understated and the lows are always over stated. I can adjust the actual temperature at any time to show what is in the official box, but then I do not get the real high or low. I have another weather station, a Texas, that does a better job, but Brad and I do not like the software that comes with it to display on our website.

After the last few days I am very disappointed with the range of temperatures that the Davis has shown. The official high yesterday was 108 and the official low this morning was 65.5. The Texas recorded a high of 107 and a low of 65.6, very close. The Davis had a high of 106 and a low of 72.1. The other day I adjusted the Davis up a few degrees so I need to adjust it down again. As you can see the overall range in the Texas was 41.4 and the Davis had a range of only 33.9. I am not happy with that. Maybe we should get some software that would work better with the texas to display that information. I'll talk to Brad.

9:00 Pm We are pouring more concrete. I am adding a four foot 10 yard strip in front of our building across the way. There used to be two buildings across the way, but we have connected the two buildings together and now we have ONE with FOUR separate areas. The guys coming to work tomorrow are concerned about the weather recently. It has been very unpleasant to work in the day lately. Tomorrow we will pour. It was 108 degrees yesterday and today tomorrow evening we should get some cooling back to normal in our night time lows. In heat spells like this it is not unusual for us to have a 60 point range maybe by Sunday. It looks like our high for the next few days could be as high as 110 and if our low gets down to 50, we will have a 60 degree range. It definitely looks like the range will be over 50. More tomorrow:: 

Friday June 23, 2006

Happy Birthday Kate!!

It is 7am and we started pouring concrete 20 minutes ago. I just checked the official weather box and was surprised to see the high yesterday was 112. The other two weather stations were a few degrees lower. The low hit 54, a 58 point range. Today is forecast to be into the 100s again. The website Davis station did not upload so I am working on that now. I finally got the computer to start and upload. It hadn't been restarted in a month or more. The low was 54.2. I did adjust the temperature down about two degrees which should give the Davis a more realistic high and low. It will never have a range as much as the Texas Instruments or the official box. The Davis high yesterday was 106.5 a range of 52 degrees. The Texas had a range of 108 and 52.7 or 55.3 degrees. We are irrigating the vineyard so my little babies should be fine. Every year we get temperatures with highs in the 100s. This is normal!

Saturday June 24, 2006

The weather pattern has gotten closer to normal. The fog has come into San Francisco and we feel the cold breeze here. The low this morning was 54 and the high yesterday was 100. By Monday we should be back to highs from 90 to 95. I took a quick look at the grapes and the zin seems to be forming nicely. I'll take a long walk tomorrow morning.

Tuesday June 27, 2006

The Family is back safe from the Azores.

We start bottling in 10 days so I have a lot of organizing to do.

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