David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Weeks 24 -25
June 13, 2004 to June 26, 2004 

  Monday June 14, 2004

All I have heard convinces me that screwcaps are the superior way to seal wine, but I want to see for my self. It will be so interesting to see how these two closures will change the wine in the short run. I am convinced the wines will taste different and this will be the most important thing to me. Each wine in each closure will be perceived as equal, because I know what went in to the blend. BUT they will be different as they evolve in the bottle. I would encourage all of my customers to take some wine with both closures and have fun as I will. 

We have new kitties. See our Harvest 2004 pictures. Susie picked them up over a friends house. Of course she did not tell us! She just arrived with the cats and sweetly asked me "I hope you won't be mad?" They are cute. For three days the Black female yelped all day. Finally we realized the two kittens had no water. They survived and are a lot of fun. 

Thursday June 24, 2004

I have been hard at work preparing to start our 2003 vintage bottling. All our wines, except the ZP2C will be bottled by July 16. On July 5 we will start with the Cabernet. Here are two links to show SOME of all the work that was involved with the planning: Bottling Breakdown, Physical Layout. It took me about 4 days to decide and put down in files all that was involved. I feel I am completely organized for now. You can never be too organized. The "Est Total Cases" column is what we expect to bottle. The "Actual Cases" will change. The "Date July" is what we expect to bottle that day. The "Wine to sell" is as of June 20th and will change as we sell more "Futures". When you look at the Physical Layout, you will notice the 15 case layers that correspond to 45 and 60 case stacks for the pallets. Three pallets are usually staked to make either 135 cases or 150. Most of the cases are stored in the Small storage building which the Physical Layout depicts. The last column titled "P/U Cases" is what is stored in our middle building and is where the wine is picked up. We have to have individual pallets of each wine, because we do not know when customers will arrive to claim their wine. Each 15 case layer on all pallets will either contain closures in screwcaps or corks. We will easily be able to choose either bottle from these stacks. I know this sounds complicated and probably uninteresting, but I wanted to document it AND if by chance someone is interested in more detail, please contact me. 

Saturday June 26, 2004

I see color!! Yes, verasion is upon us. Some of our Peloursin and Zinfandel berries have turned purple. This is two weeks before normal and four weeks ahead of last year. We will most likely be harvesting Zinfandel in the last few days of August. Brendan is here today and we already have the Cabernet on the floor ready to be bottled on the 5th of July.

` Dave 

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