David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Weeks 30 - 31
July 25, 2004 to August 7, 2004 

  Sunday July 25, 2004

[Ed. Note: Dave's on vacation! I don't remember when he has gone on vacation since I've started doing this stuff. But, through the wonders of laptops, WI-FI, and e-mail, we might just hear from him from time-to-time... and, in fact we have... Today's note comes from Oklahoma city]:

We just got back [from dinner at Bellini's Pizza] and we ordered Eggplant parm and fried ravioli. And we ordered the burning pizza. Everything was great. The crust on the pizza was good,  thin and crispy. Not as thin as mine. Best food since Las Vegas.

Yesterday in Santa Fe We were very disappointed in the Hotel we booked. It was the Camel Rock Inn. We booked a room 6 weeks ago, because it was close to where we wanted to be and it had a kitchen. We showed up at 3:00 PM and were told they had overbooked and they would pay for a room for us at the Sleep Inn a $149 value, not a high end Hotel. We had booked the Camel for $69 so we figured they had someone willing to pay more, because they could not have everyone checked in at 3:00 PM. We declined and stayed with friends, but others proabably would not have that option.

Wednesday July 29, 2004

We made it to Washington D.C. after 3300 miles and tomorrow we travel another 200+ miles to New York. There we stay for four days before we start our trip back to the West Coast.

I try to average about 6 miles over the speed limit so I have received no tickets. New Mexico, Arizona and Texas had speed limits of 75 MPH, I averaged 81. Every other State had limits at 70. I averaged 76. Now we have been traveling in Virginia where the limit is 65. I've been going about 72. These are true averages because I have confirmed them with makers on the highways. This BMW 530i drives itself. I just put it in speed control. It is so amazing that almost every driver is so courteous. I have had only three cars that I have had to pass on the right and only one trucker.

The truckers are the most interesting. They are amazing. They are such great drivers!!!  Some of them drive about 3 MPH less than I and some about 5. Few drive less than that. Only three have passed me. Most autos drive less than I and most also drive less than the truckers. That makes it an adventure. I constantly have truckers passing truckers and truckers passing autos. /There are only two lanes /so I have truckers cutting in front of me every few minutes. They are quick!! A few autos drive faster than all of us, but they NEVER pass on the right!! I really believe if they tried it, they would be wiped out. We have had two delays caused by accidents. Each one occurred about 50 miles out of a city. Each one took a whole hour to clear.  Each one occurred at the end of the day.

` Dave 

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